A Letter from Kathryn

Tracy Jalbuena and FamilyDear Friends,

I am a mom with a heavy heart. Please allow me to explain.


Tracy Jalbuena, age 43, devoted wife, mother of two, ER physician. Tracy has Multiple Myeloma, an aggressive blood cancer. She desperately needs a donor stem cell transplant. Guess what? There is no matching donor! Out of the 11 million people in the National Marrow Registry, not ONE person is eligible to give her the life saving stem cells she needs.

Why a scarcity of donors? Tracy happens to be of Filipino and European American ancestry. Our melting pot society is melting faster than Filipino Americans, indeed all Asians, are getting tested to be potential donors.

I write to you because you have a special ability to help. We know that many young Filipino Americans serve in our nation's military. Our family is undertaking a campaign to grow the registry for Asian Americans and to find that generous person, that marrow mate, for our precious daughter.

Would you kindly join in our effort to find a marrow donor for Tracy? The only way our sweet grandchildren can grow up with their mom in their lives is for kind Filipino Americans to step up and become marrow donors when called upon. We have hosted many BE THE MATCH donor drives at high schools, universities and hospitals. We ask that you take up this challenge and make an appeal to your men and women of Asian American heritage and facilitate their enrollment in the National Registry. I can envision a flood of many healthy, Fil Am young people signing up because of your positive influence and good will!

Who would have thought that our daughter's beautifully blended heritage would one day limit her very life? Tracy's Lolo and Lola, her grandparents, loved their American grandchildren very much and could not have imagined this.

We are ready to assist in any way. To learn more about the search for Tracy's matching donor, please see:

(tracyjalbuena in the visit box)

Thank you and God bless.

Kathryn Jalbuena