Letter to Donor

June 1st, 2014

Dearest Donor:

I wanted to offer my thanks for the gift of life. As you might imagine it is an amazing gift to have received.

I am not sure words can adequately explain the gratitude that I have for your generosity.

That said, I thought I might share some information about my life to express how meaningful your gift has been for our family. After I was diagnosed, I received rounds of chemotherapy and a number of powerful drugs, however the cancer was highly resistant and my prognosis was not good. It became apparent that my hope for recovery lay in the immune system of a donor.

While I was going through treatment my wife was also hospitalized. About two months before I was diagnosed with leukemia, my wife and I learned that she was pregnant with identical twins. While I was in the hospital, we were informed that the pregnancy had been deemed high risk and that she was to be put on bed rest. This part of our story has a very happy ending as we welcomed two tiny girls to the world (while thankfully I was between chemotherapy sessions). After some time they were released from the NICU and recently celebrated their second birthday. They are a bundle of exuberance.

I mention all of this because without your immune system, my daughters would not have known their father and my wife would be without my support. My family and I will be forever thankful.

Warmly, Your transplant recipient