Media Information

Media InformationTruly selfless acts are thrilling to experience and awe-inspiring to witness. The marrow and stem cell donors of this Donor Center are unpaid volunteers, giving of themselves in a most generous and profound way. Many media outlets seek to feature donors or recipients, or promote registration activities on behalf of affected military or DoD-affiliated individuals. We seek to accommodate their requests to the best of our ability.

However, there are limits to the types of information we can provide. Anonymity is a key part of the donation process among unrelated donors – it protects both donors and recipients from untoward activities. We are also bound by the regulations of HIPAA, the U.S. government, and other regulatory bodies regarding the release of private or sensitive data. We ask all of our donors, partners, and the media to refrain from releasing or publishing for at least one year following donation specific information such as the exact date or location of a donation, or details such as the age or disease of a recipient.

For general information, please read through our website or download the Media Information page. For specific questions or interviews, please contact our Public Affairs department at 1-800-627-7693 x223 or [email protected].