MSGT Troy Evans

MSgt Troy Evans holds Bone Marrow Drive at McConnell AFBAfter three deployments to some of the most dangerous places on Earth, Master Sergeant Troy Evans was completing a local mission within the U.S. when he felt ill. He began to develop liver function issues and was hospitalized. Tests revealed that he was suffering from aplastic anemia, a disease in which the bone marrow no longer makes enough blood cells for the body to function correctly. MSGT Evans has since undergone blood transfusions and chemotherapy treatments. His health is stable; others are not so lucky. For some, a bone marrow or stem cell transplant is the only option left.

MSGT Evans embodies the American hero. He will be retiring soon and is using his down time to encourage his fellow service members to join the national registry of bone marrow and stem cell donors.

Please help us salute this hero and the work he does: Join today. Donate if you are called as a match.